Food & Drink P
Pact Coffee
Our dream is to completely transform the coffee industry, put the power back into the hands of coffee farmers. From eco-friendly plan t varieties to limiting deforestation, we champion sustainable practices.
Patisserie Valerie
From stunning whole cakes, to delicate patisseries, to our famous afternoon teas, we believe we have the perfect range of treats to delight all of our loyal customers both old and new. 
Pentire Drinks
Sharing and experimenting with the flavours we found on the coast. We wanted to bottle that experience. And create a drink that harnesses the power, beauty and immense flavours of plants.
Perfect Draft
We want you to share our love for all the amazing craft beer out there and our goal is to make sure you get the best quality beer to your door with the best quality service.
Pikt Fresh
Pikt delivers Organic Fruit & Veg to all mainland UK postcodes & Free Shipping 7 days a week We are: Plastic Free Trust Mark Certified Carbon Neutral Delvieries No Subscriptions or Fees Build your Own box.
Pipers Farm
We passionately believe in producing wholesome natural food that has been grown with respect for nature. Our principles have not changed for 30 years we will produce food you can trust.
Planet Organic
We believe that natural is better for us and for the environment, so we have never sold food which contains artificial sweeteners, flavours, colours, preservatives, or any genetically modified food and products.
Planty UK
we set out to make eating more plants literally as easy and delicious as possible. You pick your chef-made food, and we take care of the rest. Sit back and before you know it, dinners delivered to your doorstep.
Pong Cheese
Pong was created to bring you some of the very best cheeses produced by the leading independent and artisan producers in the UK, complemented with some classics from Europe.
Our aim is to simplify, excite and delight every day life for our customers. We offer 1,000's of lines, including food, cleaning and household goods. Poundshop Hauls are quickly gaining prominence,
Prep Kitchen
Our chefs freshly prepare your dishes to restaurant quality with macro precision, then they’re delivered chilled to your door by our courier.